Easy Cooking...For Holidays & Everyday

Like many of you who are juggling career, personal life, organization commitments, family, etc. it feels like there isn't time to do the basic things like cooking yourself a easy delicious healthy meal. Since talks of the economy stress that we all do out best to save money, one of the easiest and most effective ways to save money is to cut back on eating out.

No more dining out = more cooking at home; and to not end up microwaving frozen foods that means planning ahead of time. Well I decided this weekend to cook shrimp scampi because it is so easy and tasty to do. In my quest to find a simple to follow recipe I came across www.startcooking.com.

What a site! I can literally watch every episode in one sitting. It is the combination of the animated narrator, the bright and visually appealing videos and the overall simple presentation that makes it such a great cooking reference.

Definitely bookmark this site. The site even goes over basics such as the three essential cooking knives you need and how to fry an egg (yes I have heard some of you out there are still struggling with this).

I guess I can put off cooking classes for a while:)

Bon Appetit!