Near and Far...Sales Sales Everywhere!

So basically all of your and our favorite stores are having great sales. Here is a very brief rundown/reminder:
- Zara: Sale prices as low as 50% off; best kept secret, kind of, is Zara shoes can be really comfortable. This is a great time to grab some pumps or cute sandals; fashionable outerwear (although it is hot now, it will be cool before you know it); and their cute angel hair spaghetti strap tanks - so basic but so sexy.
- Banana Republic: Many cute tops for work and also a good opportunity to grab a nice dress
- Urban Outfitters: Check them online as today is the last day to get an extra 20% off sale items. They have a ton of cute accessories on sale.
- Anthropologie: Yes, even with a sale they can still be pricey but they have racks and racks of goods on sale and a little digging might bring up some nice quality pieces that won't come out to $200+.
- Old Navy: Or as my friends like to say Old Gravy, they seem to be picking up the slack of the Gap and making nicer cuter clothes. Not all items are on sale but what they are offering is worth getting at full price.