Feeling Fab Under $20

I know I talk a great deal about being financially responsible and glamming it up on the budget....but sometimes I really want something for the sake of having it. For instance, I LOVE Chanel...such an iconic feminine and uber fabulous brand and I often daydream about touting a big 'ole Chanel bag on my shoulder down 5th Ave. I know there are fashionista's out there who feel the same. In fact, I once heard this woman calling into the Suze Orman show asking if it was O.K. for her to spend a WHOLE paycheck on limited edition Chanel clutch (DENIED!)

In the end, it is the desire to *feel* fabulous which causes brief glitches in our sanity from time to time. With that I offer an alternative! Get your fix of glam with the less expensive designer accent pieces. Let's say a watch, a wallet, or even nail polish...yes nail polish!!

I walked in to the SOHO Bloomingdales and picked-up this $19.00 bottle of Chanel Le Vernis. I absolutely adore it; the color is chic, it's very durable and I do feel sassy walking in to the nail salon with this cute bottle. I am very happy with my Chanel fix and even happier I didn't spend my rent money to get it!