TellMeKC @ Fashion Week

Great News! TellMeKC got accepted as press for New York Fashion Week. We are very excited to share all what we see, smell, touch, hear and even taste.

Note we are doing this along with our full-time careers so what we can attend is limited, but you can catch a great deal of useful and current info online at American Express Fashion Network

Today we were SO very close to getting a standing position in the Iodice show but got the no-go when the room met its capacity level. Anyways we watched the show from the pop-up Expresso Bar and noticed the following:

- The line was definitley about black with pastel highlights
- Cynched waists - go out and get those belts
- Beautiful backless tops and dresses - get your bottle of Neutrogena body scrub if you have backne or a salt scrub for any skin condition. You are gonna need a beautiful clean back for some of his designs - or affordable designs influenced by him.. You can grab a Grapfruit Chamomile salt scub from Tader Joe's for $5.99 - a really good price.

See more of Iodice here, and learn more about him here.