Say Yes To B.I.

Many of you probably live and/or work in Manhattan, if neither you are probably in this borough a couple of weekends a month getting your shopping on.

For cute casual, trendy feminine neat pieces don't forget about Brooklyn Industries they produce just enough items of men's and women's clothing and accessories not to overwhelm you and to showcase the care and time they seemingly put into each piece.

I normally visit the one in Chelsea on 18th and 8th (take the A,C,E,L to 14th street) and the staff is always nice. There is one in SoHo and a couple more in BK as well.

My favorite part is their sales, when stuff goes on sales they GO on sale. Definitely try and if you like get their ever so cute crop blazers and definitely score their long or mid-length down coat if you need one.

They produce this coat each year and it is very fab. The quilted design is not too puffy and the feminine fit reassures the lady in you. NOTE: the mid-length is on sale now and the long one in black is discounted as well.